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Hare - by Katarina Vavrová

65.00 €
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Hare - by Katarina VavrováKatarina Vavrovás prints are not always so easy to understand, and that is quite alright. The viewer can make her own interpretations of the art. The hare in this prints looks like a man.  The woman looks a bit tired or is it resignation?
Picture area: 9,5*14,5 cm (3,7*5,8 inch).
Paper size: 20*30 cm (7,9*11,8 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is normally 100 + 20 E/A (épreuve d'artiste = Artist's Proof or the artist's own print), and the print is signed by the artist. The print includes details in red, green, yellow and gold added by hand by the artist and therefore the print is numbered 1/1.