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Three Kings - by Katarina Vavrová

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Three Kings - by Katarina Vavrová

This is an original hand coloured etching by Katarina Vavrová. The theme has to be from an old tale or children's story, but we do not know which one. We can see three kings paying tribute to a lady, a pelican and in the background a landscape and an ancient pillar. The picture is decorated with some lines in gold and a rose in red.

Picture area: 12,5*11 cm (4,9*4,3 inch).
Paper size: 21,5*17 cm (8,5*6,7 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is normally 100 + 20 E/A (épreuve d'artiste = Artist's Proof or the artist's own print), and the print is signed by the artist.