BestNetArt Artgallery - Limited edition art prints

BestNetArt is an Artgallery that specializes in small size limited edition art prints made by professional artists. We sell only over the internet and deliver all over the world.
We have original art prints by 30 artists from 25 different countries.
What you see is what you get. The size of the artwork on the screen in the Gallery is as close to the original size as possible. Exact measures are always given. This makes it easy for you to imagine how the work of art will look on your wall.  
The small size of the artwork also makes it easy to send your purchases home to you. And, of course, payment is made securely by credit card or PayPal. We will do our best to provide art lowers a place to find high quality original art prints and artists to find a place to get their art internationally sold.

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Gallerists Helena and Magnus Segercrantz

WHO WE ARE is run by Helena and Magnus Segercrantz. We love art and run this artgallery because we want to provide the art world with an easy way to buy high quality art. Helena works with disabled children and Magnus has made an extensive career working for major Nordic companies, at present as Finance director for the Finish subsidiary of a well known international company.

We want to become the most international art gallery in the world. Our aim is to have at least 50 countries represented. If you are a professional artist producing art prints that fits into an envelope and seek global exposure, then you must contact us. It I free to join, and we charge only a 35% commission on every sold print.

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BestNetArt Artgallery
Lönnrotinkatu 28 A 28
00180 Helsinki
We are open all the time on the internet.
We are only on the internet and we do not have a street address.