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Canary - by Jorgo Krallis

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Canary - by Jorgo Krallis

This is a picture with a message. If you have been to Greece you know that canary birds are often kept in small cages outside people's homes or shops. The cage is small and the bird is unhappy. Here we see a hero-bird rescuing the canary from the bad people. Just look at all the astonished faces popping up everywhere in the city screaming and wondering what is happening. 

This is an original hand-pulled mixed media etching and the print is sold unframed.

Picture area size: 17*17 cm (6,7*6,7 inch).
Paper size: 34*33 cm (13,4*13 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is 295 + 30 H.C prints.