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Dark Beer - by Hristo Kerin

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Dark Beer - by Hristo Kerin

The name of the print is "Dark Beer". If you look closely you will see that the half naked lady is actually sitting in a drinking glass. Hopefully the glass is empty. Or is it so that this is the latest empty glass (after many) and the drinker starts to see naked women in the glass.
As always in a print by Kerin the print has some small details in colour.

The print is an etching, aquatint.

Picture area: 6*12 cm (2,3*4,7 inch).
Paper size: 13,5*20 cm (5,3*7,9 inch) (not shown in full on the screen).
The print is signed by the artist, and the print is an A.P (Artist Proof or E/A), a print outside of the numbered series.