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Handline Compositions 134/03 - by Harry Agema

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Handline Compositions 134/03 - by Harry Agema

In his "Handline" series we see the handlines of the artist translated into lines and forms. "I read them as a score of my own inner rhythm" as he expresses it himself.
The colours are dark and somewhat cold, but in between the darkness one can see traces of silver, traces of richness in life. In this print the artist first printed the black colour. "I went from darkness to light just as the painters of icons".

This is an original serigraphy or screenprint hand printed by the artist in 4 different colours. The print is sold unframed for easy delivery.

Picture area size: 8*8 cm (3,1*3,1 inch).
Paper size: 13*16 cm (5,1*6,3 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is only 5 (this can be a real investment!) and the print is signed by the artist with his mark.