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Handline Compositions 154/03 - by Harry Agema

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Handline Compositions 154/03 - by Harry Agema

"These are moments of my feelings. Every time I change I feel a different rhythm within myself". Harry Agema calls this an "x-composition" - the female part of every male. Look at the multitude of colours - yellow, orange, red, blue, green black and some dashes of silver. A lovely piece in every Agema-collection!
This is an original serigraphy hand printed by the artist in as much as 7 different colours. The print is sold unframed for easy delivery.

Picture area size: 8*8 cm (3,1*3,1 inch).
Paper size: 14*16 cm (5,4*6,3 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is only 3 and the print is signed by the artist with his mark. A unique opportunity to buy a rare piece of art by an interesting artist!