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Hyvätuulinen - by Kristiina Lehtonen

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Hyvätuulinen - by Kristiina Lehtonen

Fantasy winds
Here we have it again - a title that is impossible to translate. The word "hyvätuulinen" means someone who is happy and in good spirits, but it can also mean something like "nice and windy" or "very windy".
This picture is much bigger that can be shown on the computer screen. The picture area is 41,5*29,5 cm (16,3*11,6 inch). We have also, on a separate page, included a detail of the print in enlarged size.

This is an original hand-pulled etching, aquatint, and the print is sold unframed.

Please note the big paper size; 53,5*40 cm (21,1*15,7 inch).
Picture area size: 41,5*29,5 cm (16,3*11,6 inch).
The size of the edition is 70.