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Local Beauties-4: Mopti, Mali - by Rolf Weijburg

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Local Beauties-4: Mopti, Mali - by Rolf Weijburg

The city of Mopti in Mali is build on three islands connected by dikes, situated at the confluence of the Bani and Niger River and therefore is called the Venice of Mali. From here, the Niger starts to develop a large inner delta with lagoons, little islands and canals.
This is a print from the series "Local Beauties" with which Rolf Weijburg started to work with years ago - and the work still continues. This print has an exceptionally strong design.
This is an original colour etching with some hand colouring.
The print is sold unframed for easy delivery.

Picture area size: 13*15 cm (5,1*5,9 inch).
Paper size: 21*30 cm (8,3*11,8 inch).
The size of the edition is only 50 and the print is signed and numbered by the artist.