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Local Beauties-9: NŽKongsamba, RC - by Rolf Weijburg

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Local Beauties-9: N´Kongsamba, RC - by Rolf Weijburg

NŽKongsamba is a village north of Douala in Camerun. The city has 123 150 inhabitants according to a source on the Internet, and everything on Internet is true as is the beauty of this print by Rolf Weijburg. 
This is a print from the series "Local Beauties" with which Rolf Weijburg started to work with years ago - and the work still continues.
This is an original colour etching with some hand colouring.
The print is sold unframed for easy delivery.

Picture area size: 12*12 cm (4,7*4,7 inch).
Paper size: 21*30 cm (8,3*11,8 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is only 50 and the print is signed and numbered by the artist.