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My Diary-3 - by Galina Pavlova

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My Diary-3 - by Galina Pavlova

This is one of the prints (from a series of 15 prints) with which Galina Pavlova won the FIRST PRIZE for Exlibris at the National Exhibition for Book Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2006 (Exlibris Galina Pavlova).
This print is from the series "Writing", and it is made using a unique graphic technique, combining etching, aquatint and monotype. Bright colours and tones are achieved by several printings and combining of intaglio processes.

Picture area: 12,5*11 cm (4,9*4,3 inch).
Paper size: 20*18 cm (7,9*7,1 inch).
The print is signed and numbered by the artist. This is a monotype, so the print is abolutely unique. The total edition is only 20.