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Night Before Ivana Kupola - by Ruslan Agirba

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Night Before Ivana Kupola - by Ruslan Agirba

This print is a fantastic example of the excellent craftsmanship of Ruslan Argiba. On the night of this pagan festival, celebrated on July 7, the Gregorian summer solstice, young women don wreathes and celebrants jump through fire and swim naked. The rites are connected to ancient beliefs about fertility and autopurification. The goat has become a girl or is the other way around?

Picture area: 16,5*19,6 cm (6,5*7,7 inch).
Paper size: 23*30 cm (9,1*11,8 inch) (not shown in full on the screen).
The print is signed by the artist, and the edition is 20. Combination of etching, aquatint and mezzotint.