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Plénitude - by Keshav malla

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Plénitude - by Keshav malla

We have received a set of new big screen-prints / serigraphs by Keshav Malla from Nepal. The edition is very small. These prints can become real collector items as the years pass by.
Plénitude has lovely colours in green, blue, orange and grey.

The print is showed as 65% of the original. To view the picture in original size please click on the picture with your mouse.

Picture area: 19*25 cm (7,5*9,8 inch), and showed as 65% of original.
Paper size: 24,5*32 cm (9,6*12,6 inch) (not shown in full on the screen).
The print is signed and numbered by the artist, and the edition is only 9.