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Steam Engine - by Erhard Beitz

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Steam Engine - by Erhard Beitz

Old toy / Steam engine
Again we can present you with a fantastic detailed print by Erhard Beitz picturing an old steam engine. You have to look at the details with a magnifier glass to see them all. It is impossible to reproduce all the details on a computer screen, so be sure to be happily surprised to see this print in real life when you receive it by mail a week (about) after ordering it on line.
It is an etching, drypoint, made year 2006, so only a limited number of prints are available.

Picture area: 9*13 cm (3,5*5,1 inch).
Paper size: 19,5*25 cm (7,7*9,8 inch) (not shown in full on the screen).
The print is signed and numbered by the artist, and the edition is only 5.