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Sun and Moon - by Erhard Beitz

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Sun and Moon - by Erhard Beitz

This is a very well executed etching and drypoint prints by Erhard Beitz. You have to look at the details with a magnifier glass to see them all.

This is an "Ex Libris" print, and they are collector items of their own. The quality of the etching is much sharper on the original prints, and more detailed than can be reproduced on the screen.
Galina Lwowa is the wife of Mr Beitz, and the 15 first prints in this series have been distributed to famous art museums around Europe.

Picture area: 7*13 cm (2,8*5,1 inch).
Paper size: 14*21 cm (5,5*8,3 inch) (not shown in full on the screen).
The print is signed and numbered by the artist, and the edition is 30.