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The Dolphin - by Jorgo Krallis

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The Dolphin - by Jorgo Krallis

It certainly would be difficult to find a better print to buy to your grandchild who already has everything you can get from a toyshop. This is a perfect start to a valuable art collection. Just look at the prankster / joker dolphin making a practical joke. People are screaming in astonishment, things falling overboard and the motor running full speed.

This is an original hand-pulled mixed media etching and the print is sold unframed.

Picture area size: 21,5*18,5 cm (8,5*7,3 inch).
Paper size: 34*33 cm (13,4*13 inch) (not showed in full on the screen).
The size of the edition is 295 + 30 H.C prints.